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Law of immobility: In the Infinity there is no motion, therefore, no Matter.

In my first book, I prove with absolute clarity that in the Environment of Infinity, motion would be impossible to exist therefore, Matter won't either. In fact, if mobile objects existed ”there”, they would contract forever (in Zeno's dichotomous way) with absolute consistency, along with all the other natural sizes of motion, for example object dimensions, motion time periods of the objects etc. (The reader must not forget that now we are in the Environment of Infinity, where for reasons of consistency – which the 1st metaphysical law requires – all things contract.)

Consequently Zeno’s formulation is fully valid 'here” which imposes that in order for “something” to move in this environment, it requires to have previously identified the initial half of all possible half – distances – something which is impossible to happen. From the above mentioned it deterministically emerges that.. in “that environment” none of the laws of Physics could ever be valid. Because simply 'there' there would be no movement, and therefore neither a natural (physical) world, like the one we perceive. (“Τhere” could mean nothing other than “in nowhere”).

This conclusion without doubt, leads to the 2nd metaphysical law – the exclusion of motion from the Environment of the Infinity.

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