Does an aperture or perhaps a tunnel lead to “The One”?


The solution of Zeno’s paradoxes, which is the subject of my first book, fused of the unexpected explosion which led me to the writings of my books. For some reason I instantly understood which could possibly be the only path leading to this solution. However, only after several days of feverish reflections on these ancient riddles, did I realized that it wasn’t just about a path but about a magical hole. An aperture which would directly lead me to nowhere and to never-namely the world of “The One”. Perhaps it was a black hole. However, it could have been about the familiar tunnel, which every man has to pass – through in order to set him free of virtual matter and return to eternity. In the profound truth, our conscience is the only real thing. And this conscience is immortal.

All these unbelievable allegations are proved in my books through detailed examination of every view in an irrefutable way. The findings emerging from the solution of Zeno’s paradoxes act a catalyst for the answers to many questions of our world.



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