There aren’t any universal laws in force nowadays


I am coming back to Zeno’s thesis that in our world the phenomenon of motion doesn’t exist.

a—-Isn’t it obvious that for human mind, the motion –which the human mind observes everywhere in the world- is the necessary prerequisite of material existence?

b—-If however, Zeno had proved his claims irrefutably, would anyone question the correctness of his views?

c—-What Eleatic philosophers taught, weren’t these just “theories”?

d—-But are there generally any theories which truly have any evidential value?

e—-Don’t all of these theories simply express their authors “views”?

f—-Have non-evidential “views” any value, whatsoever?

g—-On the other hand and based on the above, can anyone reasonably conclude that if Zeno’s Paradoxes haven’t been solved, up to this day, obviously, they are not  solvable?

h—-If anyone succeeded in solving these problems (through logical sequences) with absolute certainty of the correctness, wouldn’t this be about a unique antiseismic spiritual foundation, for a universal law?

i—-Couldn’t then the total knowledge in our world be securely anchored to this?

j—-Wouldn’t this actually happen if such a secure and fundamental truth interrelated with other universal truths? (I’m not referring here to the approximate and therefore to the deceptive. I mean the absolute, which can be the only true.)

k—-Or is there perhaps already such an irrefutable spiritual foundation? But even if there was such a foundation, wouldn’t the knowledge of our world be of different quality than what it is today? Or does someone believe there is some form of knowledge, which is secured and consequently absolute?

l—-Are the four fundamental interactions possibly such an irrefutable spiritual foundation?

mBut how could there be such a foundation when all the theoretical in our world rely on either axioms or doctrines?

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