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The three fundamental metaphysical laws


1st physical and metaphysical law: Incompatibility

The (supposed) simultaneous movement of any object in two different and therefore, incompatible (existential) environments leads to paradox. This paradox can be avoided only if the various properties of the (supposed) mobile object are examined separately in each environment.


2nd fundamental metaphysical law: Immobility in the infinity

The start of a (purely hypothetical) material object in the Environment of the Infinity isn’t feasible, because the tracing of the primary half of the infinitely much smaller halves of any (supposed) specific distance is not attainable. As a consequence, in this environment no (supposed) material object would be incapable of moving.


3rd fundamental metaphysical law: The existence in the infinity is not feasible

In the Environment of the Infinity there is no possibility of movement of material objects (2nd metaphysical law) and because movement interrelates directly or indirectly with all natural phenomena, it arises that the laws of physics do not apply in this environment.

As a result, in the Environment of the Infinity a natural –meaning material and in this respect “real” world wouldn’t be able to exist. However, the existence of a virtual world would be possible since there wouldn’t be any incompatibility of Matter and spirit. It would be about  a virtual world –that of information.


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