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A fateful compatibility leading to the 1st physical and metaphysical law


As we previously saw in unit, Zeno’s -dichotomous- way of movement is not only (supposedly) impossible in our material and finite world but also in general. This was neither perceived by the ancient nor by the rest of thinkers over time. Ways of movement in a virtual or in a (supposed) material world could be nothing but incompatible. As it has already been clarified in the previous unit a (supposedly) material world as ours couldn’t be able to contract or to expand –especially eternally- since this is prohibited by the four fundamental interactions. Actually, this exact kind of forbidden movement emerges from the solution of Zeno’s paradoxes. The above mentioned way of movement could take place in an immaterial – therefore virtual – word without problems. Because this would only be about an apparently material creation.

The incompatibility of both the immaterial and the material is however, an undeniable fact. This concludes that the spirit and material would be unable to coexist. If this were possible, then brain researchers would have discovered the base of conscience in the (supposed) material brain a long time ago. (On the contrary, they assume that conscience is created in seven or eight areas of the brain).

As a matter of fact, if they had traced the location of conscience in the brain and had found a way to communicate with it, then there would have been no point in them concluding to the absurd (irrational) interpretations of their experimental findings. It is more than absurd for man to be a machine –as this was stated in the German journal DER SPIEGEL by the American brain researcher Michal Gazzaniga. (See SPIEGEL 50/2011). And this is absurd because machines can not think. If one is capable of understanding –through logical associations- what is precisely happening, then he would consider it unbelievable. All that remains is for every thinking man who will find the opportunity to understand these two roads (of material or of spirit), to decide which of these two roads leads to the absolute truth and for what reason.

Logic dictates that the two above mentioned existential ways are subject to completely different laws. If we want to examine different phenomena, we must make sure that they take place with absolute consistency either in one environment or the other. Only in this way is incompatibility avoided. And only in this case, can we draw sound conclusions. (One example: The comparison of the properties of an elephant and that of “Ithaca” by the great Kavafis would not lead to logical results but to irrational ones). The consistent logical examination of this incompatibility (in both existential environments) leads to the 1st fundamental Physical and Metaphysical law. (This law therefore, applies as much to our world as to the world of Infinity.)

It is interesting and exceptionally significant to us people that an irrefutable intelligible foundation emerges from this universal law. It is about a foundation which a bridge of logic is anchored to, in a secure way, and connects the two existential environments. The omission of such a bridge resulted in the cause of countless unanswered questions, always tormenting the thinking man.


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