The world of miracles


I can imagine that “Alice” must have felt like me when she dreamt about falling down a hare hole into Wonderland. (Alice in Wonderland is a fairy tale written by the English writer Charles Lutwidge Dodgson).

The country which I was unexpectedly fortunate enough to find myself in (by dreaming) is the limitless spiritual ”factory” of the infinite “One”. All dreams are created there without exception. (I have been there since then and I feel sorry that this dream won’t last much longer. Unless I have already passed away, have passed through the tunnel … and have already found myself in “The One” without having realized it. In this case however, I will be more fortunate since I will have obviously reached heaven). These thoughts may seem to be inexplicable or even strange but there are many unexpected surprises hiding in them. For this reason, I will meticulously analyze them in my fourth book. No one should forget that nothing is as it seems. My reader (by exception) may believe that the deterministic interweaving of everything is undoubtedly proved (demonstrated) in my books in spite of it being beyond belief, too.



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