The Domino effect


As soon as the path, which leads to solving the riddle of the paradox, becomes clear, to begins, the process of the harmonic – universal – Interweaving of everything, immediately. The countless questions of any cognitive field can now be quite easily be answered. Because at that moment, a definite (purely logical) foundation arises to which everything can be anchored, in an irrefutable (and also logical) way. This is about the 1st physical and metaphysical law (see 3.14). Because only logic can lead to the absolute truth. It will become clear that this (absolute truth emerging from the detailed analysis of any kind of problem) is always incredible. It is absolute truth that reverses everything. And it is the only this absolute truth that we can truly rely on since it is derived in a logical way. The profound truth is obscure and incomprehensible to mankind, because it is off the beaten track and off the force of habit. Still, it can be understood if one manages to approach it through its logical dimension.

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