Physicists systematically avoid the annoying spirit


Physicists actually believe that the spirit is nothing more than just a derivative of electrochemical reactions in the brain. The only thing that matters for natural scientists, is the empirically and quantity perceived Matter. During their studies (research) physicists systematically overlook the existence of the spirit. They are making….diligent efforts to study only lifeless nature through its phenomena, which in their Opinion ensures the utmost objectivity of their results. Their point of view is indeed understandable since it is not possible to study, measure and interpret the inconceivable spirit. Such a serious science can’t of course get involved with the effort of counting angels which are trying to squeeze themselves into a needle point something already stated in an authentic and equivocal manner by the Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli. Natural scientists do not seem to be particularly troubled by the fact that the brain and the conscience-therefore, the spirit and Matter- are two fundamental components of our living world. It is clear that it doesn’t even cross their mind that logically, the coexistence of these two components is impossible to take place. Nevertheless, they’re likely to perceive that this refers to an unreasonable relation. The fact is that they are accustomed to such absurdities and as a result, they encounter them as self-evident facts which they unconditionally accept. Therefore, it is natural for them not to perceive that they are on a wrong course.  

In book »Physik oder METAPHYSIK? «, I thoroughly prove that Natural Scientists’ indifference to the existence and significance of the spirit is one of their most serious mistakes. 

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