It is impossible for Zeno’s arrow to reach its target


Whatever the reader will read in this website has emerged over many years (from the beginning of 2005) through my exhaustive effort to decode Zeno’s Paradoxes. The results of this hard work is (for the time being) two books. Actually, I have come up with the material for at least three more books. Obviously, this is the target which the arrow of my expectations is heading for. Will this arrow ever reach its target? How can it reach its target, though when it cannot even … start?

This exactly is the paradox. Not only Zeno but also the other Eleatan philosophers took for granted that no motion could ever occur. They were deeply confident that the paradox of the dichotomy clearly demonstrates the inability to move (see 3.1). In the profound truth, Zeno was actually in the right direction but his reasoning didn’t attribute to what is actually happening even if Eleatan philosophers had realized (perceived) and taught that our world is deceptive and indeed virtual.

Eleatic philosophers didn’t conceive the enormous depth of the problem of movement. And exactly because of this, we have the result of total incompatibility and consequent paradoxes. Let’s just ask ourselves: If the Eleats had been right about the issue of immobility, wouldn’t that have triggered a series of unanswered questions over the centuries? A simple example of movement: “How did I accomplish the completion of my two books?” And only the movement of my fingers typing on the keyboard all these years will certainly be summing up to several kilometers. (2.500 years ago – in the presence of the argumentative Zeno – Diogenes was walking nonstop around his pithos (large earthenware urn) causing the mockery of the Athenians bystanders).

The… moral of the above, is that all ideas and hypotheses can be very useful if one knows how to handle them properly. Deep down though, they are worth nothing, if the person who thought of them and has backed his theoretical structure on them, is not able to prove them by using indisputably logical arguments. “Profoundly” means “the absolute truth” while “with logical arguments” means that these hypotheses must not create paradoxes even if they seemingly offer correct results. I would like to mention here the theory of probability which nobody can really understand even today, although this theory offers satisfactory and useful – but always approximate solutions. And it is natural for one not to understand this theory- even if one thinks that he understands it. Because all the axioms which this theory is based on are wrong even though they seem to be founded. These claims of mine are proven through thorough argumentation, presented in my second book. Therefore, through the detailed analysis of this theory – but most of all through the analysis and   decoding of Newton’s “golden” bucket – emerges an incredible mode of how our world functions. However, due to the fact that all the findings interrelate logically with everything, this means that these findings correctly attribute the hidden truth behind the phenomena. (As far as I am concerned, it is interesting, how Zeno’s Paradoxes existed as an unexploited diamond mine for two thousand five hundred years whereas Newton’s bucket was just a vein of gold not yet understood. And although both of them were visible by each passerby, no one could actually perceive what this was all about: Both of these spiritual mines provide the valuable spiritual material for the antiseismic bridging between physics and metaphysics.

So, does Zeno’s arrow finally reach its target?  The answer seems to be incomprehensible: “Although it reaches its target, there is no way it will ever reach it”. This statement seems to be irrational but behind it and unarguable logic lies.

There is no doubt; the reader will encounter some difficulties when trying to follow my arguments. This is because among other things, the complete (detailed) solution of Zeno’s Paradoxes is not presented in my website but only a concentrated summary instead. Consequently, the reader does not have access to my countless proven arguments, which are extensively presented in my book. Nevertheless, the proof of the solution of Zeno’s Paradoxes is presented in the third chapter of my website and in general, it is sufficient for someone to be able to penetrate into the magic world of “The One”.

In my books, I am attempting however, to assist the reader during his process of understanding the analyzed problems, enlightening and explaining in detail each side of every problem. And of course I always do that in a logical way. Neither axioms nor doctrines are allowed, if one wants to approach the infinite.


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