Where does the cause of the presented paradox lie?


Someone who wishes to penetrate the essence of Zenos riddles should simply ask himself the following questions.

a—-Why shouldn’t one start studying Zeno’s paradoxes by making an assumption? (It isn’t of course acceptable or logical for one to rely on hypotheses though couldn’t one just study them on a trial basis and through logical associations- and then, if no result emerges, simply reject them?)

b—-Couldn’t this hypothesis be phrased as follows: “Let’s assume that indeed there is a solution to these problems but this solution might not be of mathematical nature – as all thinkers considered it to be up to this day”

c—-Can the likelihood be excluded in advance, of this actually being the reason why they weren’t able to solve the riddles? (Because all Physicists have so far tried to solve them in a mathematical way only.) Shouldn’t they first consider that other means of explanation should be sought given that the ones used so far haven’t proved successfully?)

d—-Shouldn’t firstly the possibility be explored that perhaps in the formulation of the paradoxes by Zeno lies an indiscernible … worm, which for some unknown reason has remained unnoticed up to the present?)

e—-Taking into consideration that these paradoxes were studied by countless thinkers without them noticing anything special, could this “something” be seemingly negligible though very significant?

f—-Shouldn’t Zeno’s formulation of these problems respectively be placed under the microscope of thought and meticulously studied?

g—-Shouldn’t the above process be applied to every new problem?

h     Generally speaking, could any problem possibly be solved if one doesn’t penetrate its roots to seek for its underlying reasons?

i–.–Is it possible that the sought-after root causes are lying where natural scientists are looking for them i.e. on the surface of the “phenomena” which are therefore visible to anybody?

j—-Does the natural scientists’ working model, nowadays actually allow the revelation of the causes of these problems?

k—-Isn’t it the case in deep reality, that the answer to a question already lies hidden in the question itself?

l–.–However, in Zeno’s paradoxes this answer – basically their solution – has always been visible to everyone. But no one has seen it.

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