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The reason this website exists is mainly to present the summary of Zeno’s Paradoxes. Apart from this, the reader will be informed to a certain extent, about the subject matters he will find in my first two books.

The thorough (detailed) analysis and the decoding of the essence of Zeno’s Paradoxes, is the main subject of the first book. Obviously, I accomplished this because I have read carefully the dialogue between Parmenides and Aristoteles (the next Athenian tyrant???), but as it is proven in my books, nothing is as it seems, because the phenomena are deceptive.   In any case, I found Parmenides’ dialectic way not only sensational but also the only way of answering these great riddles. I thought, it was worth trying to absorb and use this way of thinking. Over time, I was convinced that this way of thinking helped Eleatic philosophers go so far while searching for the truth”.

I have to ask for the reader’s understanding of the fact that I am referring to a significant extent, to physics. However, valuable post modern physics was hiding in Zeno’s Paradoxes. Obviously, physicists didn’t take any notice of this focusing all their attention on the mathematical conception and description of the infinite small. As it is proven in my books, this is impossible, because all mathematical results are always approximate, while the infinite is the absolute. Zeno’s riddles can only be solved in a philosophical and notably Eleatic way. Though the role of modern physics is indeed decisive in understanding the universal way of functioning.

During the research and description of the phenomena, one will have continuous question marks.

Giving an answer can only be achieved through logically applying metaphysics. Physics describes only results whose causes may be obtained only through Metaphysics. But the gate to Metaphysics can only be unlocked with one key: The solution of Zenos’ Paradoxes.


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