My working model differs from that of physicists


My books are founded on the findings of Physics as described in its various scientific fields. Therefore, in my attempt to answer logically all the countless questions of every kind, I am always being led – in a strange way – deterministically to metaphysical results. (However, these findings have no relation to any religious belief whatsoever. I firmly believe that I myself am ‘objective’ even if this adjective doesn’t describe my spiritual structure). 

My innermost target though, has always been the understanding of the reality I am experiencing. To me, what counts most in our world is the spirit – the conscience. (The only thing that I am absolutely certain about beyond any doubt is what Descartes wrote about “Cogito ergo sum” meaning “I think therefore I am”.) I obviously acknowledge that matter prevails over spirit in our world, but I try to understand matter as much as spirit, by examining in a critical way, both the findings of physicists as well as anything else that has been brought to my attention and reveal some interest. My effort to understand the innermost truth is exclusively based on strictly logical train of thoughts. (I neither use axioms nor doctrines). Anything arising from this kind of research is unconditionally acceptable to me, no matter how incredible the result may seem to be. Consequently, I perceive our world in a clearly idealistic way.  

There is no doubt, that even researchers in Natural Sciences have the same target. They also want to understand what lies behind the perceived reality. However, the underlying reason for physicists is matter. Therefore, for reasons of (supposed…) objectivity they ignore the spirit in their studies, without, obviously, having realized that the phenomena of Matter are deceptive. (The stated studied object of physicists is- the nonliving – Matter. Matter has the clear advantage of becoming perceivable in an empirical way. It is a science in which matter prevails. This is the reason why physicists aren’t able to deal with the spirit – since the spirit isn’t quantitatively perceivable. This is however enormous mistakes, which contributes determinatively to their failure to interpret their findings and are therefore continuously led to deadlocks.)

Researchers in Natural Sciences try to understand the innermost truth based on the observation of natural phenomena, on theory, on experiments, on measurements and on the mathematical description of their results. Anything that results from this kind of research becomes unconditionally acceptable to them, no matter how paradox (in other words illogical) it may be. (It must be noted that paradox is, among other things, what grossly violates the natural order through arising contradictions. Because this order evolves deterministically, through causality. However, this shouldn’t be allowed to happen because it inevitably leads to deadlocks. Actually, the deadlocks in Natural Sciences are countless – something which physicists themselves confess to)

It's a fact that. (most) physicists believe that our world can only be realistic i.e. materialistic. It becomes obvious, that this is about two diametrically opposite perception – models of reality. And undoubtedly, only one of these two models could correspond to the absolute profound truth. And as overweening as it may sound, I am not interested in the approximate in which Physics is wholly (by necessity) engaged, but only in the absolute. And this in turn may sound presumptions too, but as it becomes clear, the solution of Zeno’s Paradoxes, is the only path which leads to the clarification of this problem. Now, however, the unexpected is happening: While the working model of physicists leads continuously to logical deadlocks, which they find impossible to interpret because of their inefficient working model, in my logical findings no problem arises, whatsoever. Everything interweaves harmoniously, which leads to a single spiritual structure – something which I demonstrate in my books through detailed logical arguments.


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