The incorrect target of the infinitesimal calculus


It becomes obvious in my books, that the infinitesimal calculus which is considered (mainly in physics) to be a great scientific attainment and particularly useful, in reality it was a “misstep” of Newton. It is a “misstep” as it resoundingly failed to solve the problem of the paradoxes, which simply is the principle of motion in our world. Because the understanding of the principle of motion – its beginning and its function in our world – was the aim of the Eleatic philosophers. Therefore, the supposed harnessing (sic) of the infinity which derived from Zeno’s way of motion, is Newton’s achievement. This perception of motion led (subsequently) to the conception and establishment of limit of functions. The fact though that Newton shot Zeno’s arrow to the wrong target doesn’t mean that he didn’t invent an exceptionally useful tool for physicists, mathematicians and engineers. The obvious usefulness of infinitesimal calculus is a valuable conclusion in our world. The real cause of motion however, lies in the inconceivable “Absolute”. This is about two-seemingly- incompatible existential environments which nevertheless, are inseparably linked. My last three phrases might be incomprehensible, though if the solution of the paradoxes is understood in the third chapter, then what I mean (in these phrases) will also be understood.

Physicists obviously haven’t realized the enormous qualitative difference between the approximate and the absolute. Quantity though describes the deceptive material “appearances,” whereas quality is the property of the real spiritual “being”. These two conditions are incompatible. As a result, there is an unbridgeable gap between these two existential situations, which can only be accessed through consistent logical analysis since mathematical analysis just meets (serves) the quantitative human –scientific- needs and nothing more.    

In my second book one will understand the reason this mathematical method is deep down incorrect. One will also realize why natural scientists are on the wrong course, which leads to nowhere and that this is the reason for the vast number of riddles that surround and torture them.

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