Physicists are Slaves of their brains – The super intelligent design


Researchers of the brain believe that the conscience is a product of electrochemical reactions. What they obviously mean is that Matter is capable of creating spirit. (To my knowledge, no one has ever produced spirit in a laboratory).

Like all believers of any kind of religion, strongly believe in the … inconceivable (metaphysical), physicists believe in something as well. However, this “something” is ”tangible” meaning nature as it is perceived through infinite variations of Matter. (As wise people say: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Physics, contrary to inconceivable Metaphysics, can be perceived with all the senses). 

The American neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga is an eminent researcher of the brain. In an interview he gave to the German magazine DER SPIEGEL 5/2011 pg. 149-152, entitled “We are only machines” the journalists asked him among other questions:

SPIEGEL: “Are we Zombies?  Don’t we have free will for our acts?”

Gazzaniga: “Zombie is a distorted image. It’s about a deeper understanding of the manner in which we function. The concept of free will in this context is insignificant.  This concept was once created when people believed in the existence of the soul, in their ego. At that time, people wanted to make sure that they acted according to the concept of free will. This idea was important as much to Christianity as to philosophy. Now, we are all aware of the fact that free will is an illusion. We are only – marvellously designed –machines which operate purely deterministically.

The interpretation of the findings of contemporary research by Gazzaniga doesn’t completely identify with that of other colleagues. Well known German brain researchers -such as: Gerhard Roth, Thomas Metzinger and Wolfgang Prinz, on the one hand, perceive the deceptive perception of free will by man, without doubting the domination of determinism, but on the other hand are more cautions with their statements.

I personally find Gazzaniga’s point of view that in the past people believed in the existence of the soul and of the ego”, absurd. He means obviously that nobody believes in such tales any longer? His answer to SPIEGEL’S question is completed with the phrase: Although marvellously designed “we are only machines which operate purely deterministically”. I found that phrase totally illogical. In my first book such views are analyzed and answered in detail.

It would be a mistake for one to conclude that I question scientists’ findings in general. In fact scientists’ major problem is that they fail to achieve the correct interpretation of the obtained results because they are not thinking logically. It is obvious that they lack the power of logic in their interpretation of the phenomena. They treat logic lightly or ignore it.) My impression is that natural scientists are slaves of their sensory organs and of their brain-namely of Matter. This doesn’t apply only to them but to all human beings. This simply means among others, that in this supposedly material world no one is to be held responsible for anything, therefore, neither Gazzaniga. Undeniably, we are in the world of phenomena in which the approximate dominates (prevails). Thus great effort is required for us to free our thoughts of all the trash accumulated during our life so that we can at last see clearly. In my first book of the solution of Zeno’s Paradoxes, all these points are analyzed and answered in detail. Only, through the understanding of the Interweaving of Everything can this incredible wonder of cosmic existence be perceived.

Logic establishes that everything evolves based on a general design. But his doesn’t develop in the way which American Protestants envision.

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