Physicists lay their theories on… the sand of axioms


Physicists are well aware of course of the fact that their theories can inevitably be based only on axioms. (These axioms supposedly describe self evident truisms of our perceived world, which one can without doubt rely on unreservedly). Theories, hypotheses or ideas, doctrines and axioms are nothing more than just quicksand. And it is an undeniable fact that no building on sand that can last long. For this reason, in Physics – and not only in it – conflicting theories of every kind are created. However, only one truth can exist. A truth that leads to the absolute harmoniously Interweaving of Everything

But the question is why can no one rely on theories? For the reason that they always simply describe perceived or supposedly real phenomena of our world in an empirical or dogmatic way, which in fact, can never to be sound. (I am referring here to the example of ether, which Einstein ostracized from the universe with his legendary simplicity, arbitrarily. He assumed he could do so, as ether has never – even until today – been discovered experimentally. Wasn’t this a huge mistake? This ”indication” led Einstein to the belief that ether doesn’t exist. Einstein: “It’s advisable for one to simplify everything but not much”.)

Is it logical to conclude that since Michelson and Morley’s efforts to discover the existence of ether were fruitless, this actually means that there is no ether, whatsoever? In the second book it is proven that a universe like ours could never even   exist without ether. Especially on this issue, there are quite significant surprises and reversals which vitally contribute to a better understanding of the world we perceive. 

It is obvious that (most) physicists do not know that the phenomena are deceptive; or they know it but apparently repel it by closing their eyes when faced with one more incomprehensible problem. What else could they have done, since they don’t have at their disposal some kind of ensured foundation to base their theories on? For me there is no doubt that working model of physicists prevents them from thinking freely and especial logically. As a consequence, they have no other choice but that of the syntax of theories which they are forced to base on the quicksand of axioms. The relentless entropy then deals with the rest until it transforms these theories slowly or abruptly into quicksand too.

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