The solution of Zeno’s Paradoxes: Miraculous key to Everything


To this day, in their science, physicists continuously conflict with all kinds of difficulties without being in the position to discover the underlying reasons. They fail to interpret them logically. My impression is that they do not even try to solve their problems in a rational way, for the reason that they don’t have at their disposal, a better foundation than axioms to support them. As a result, they remain faithful to their established working model substantially finding themselves in a perpetual crisis. 

I should briefly remind the reader of the crisis in the foundations of Mathematics in the last century. Of course this crisis didn’t break out in the world of Physics but in that of Mathematics. It was about the axiomatic infrastructure of Arithmetic-The common denominator in both sciences was the axioms. 

Gottlob Frege* had attempted at that time to establish in his book “Fundamental Laws of Arithmetic” all branches of Mathematics-as well as the analysis (which in Physics plays a vital role) – through logical associations on are single base. For this, he also used axioms. These axioms that Frege used were nevertheless, so contradictory that he completely failed in his attempt. Through his three “theorems of incompleteness” Kurt Godel** finally achieved the final blow to axiomatic thinking, creating a new crisis in the mathematical community. In the end, nothing changed.

The solution of Zeno’s paradoxes acquired in a logical way provides us with the magical universal key to unlocking all kinds of enigmatic doors almost with no difficulty and being able to answer any type of question.


*Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege:↓8.11.1848 in Wismar.↑26.7.1925 in Bad Kleimen. German theorist of logic, Mathematician and philosopher.

**Kurt Friedrich Gödel: ↓28.4.1906 in Brünn, Austria.↑14.1.1978 in Princeton, New Jersey. An Austrian-American Mathematician and significant (distinguished) theorist of logic of the 20th century.

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