All is One


I am aware of the fact that all the above mentioned may seem unbelievable but it will be proved in detail, that everything is true since everything is concerned with our universe. In one’s perception, our world constitutes (makes up) a universal unity. In a way it is a living organism. With great imagination, one could perceive for example, that in this organism, galaxies compose the lifeless material universal body whereas the whole spirit composes its conscience. The above statement is similar to what some Biology researchers have stated: Bees aren’t considered to be autonomous living organisms but an overall organism that of the beehive. I would also claim that the same applies to ant colonies. It would be advisable though, not to take this metaphorical meaning too seriously because the final interpretation of “Everything” which will be presented in my first book (Solution of Zeno’s Paradoxes) goes even beyond one’s most vivid imagination. Because the deep truth presented in my first book (the Solution of Zeno’s Paradoxes) is completely different and far surpasses our own.

However, the existence of “The One” is proved with multiple solid logical arguments and initially through Zeno’s paradoxes. It is self-evident, that the Interweaving of Everything has nothing to do with the Theory of Everything. 


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