Causality and logic are two sides of the same coin


Some thoughts on causality and logic and their importance in the Natural Sciences:

a—-Is the use of logic one of Natural Scientists’ tools and especially that of physicists’?

b—-Shouldn’t this logic along with the principle of causality be for natural scientists a first class checking device for the development of their theories?

c—-Are these two powerful keys taken seriously into consideration by physicists and are they used closely for unlocking the cryptic doors which surround them or exactly the opposite?

d—-Have all natural scientists realized that everything in our world evolves through the principle of causality – namely logic – thus causality and logic are two sides of the same coin?

e—-If someone accepts the above considerations as logical, is it difficult for him to conclude – if he is knowledgeable in Physics – that on the contrary, natural scientists are pursuing an irrational and mistaken way?


My second book describes and proves analytically, that the omission of the consistent practice of logic by physicists is one of the major reasons why they always end up in deadlocks – in spite of their technological attainments up to our days. The limited working model they have chosen to pursue, leads directly to the labyrinth of deep ignorance as this only studies and describes phenomena. However, it should be considered that axioms and doctrines are nothing more than two sides of the counterfeit coin. Whoever, though, is able to ultimate the conclusion of the solution to the paradoxes, will surely realize that in my above analysis it is also phenomena that are described. In the profound truth, there is something unexpected behind everything and that’s why access to it is so difficult.

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